Sunday, September 4, 2011

Busy, but not really

Today there were a number of things I needed to work on.  I did some, others I just didn't.  I know, its Sunday, I don't have to do a lot.  Its supposed to be a day of rest. I just hate getting to the end of a day and I haven't accomplished much. 

But, I did make some progress on a big project I've been working on.  Its almost done, I just have to do some finishing work on it tomorrow and it will be sent off in the mail on Tuesday.  I hope that it arrives in BG before young Henry Howard makes his appearance.  So, here's a preview of the blanket I've been working on.  Its made of cotton fleece.  I cut squares, tye dyed them, washed them, sewed the squares together and now need to attach a baking and binding to complete it.  I'm hoping to use the fabric from the dress I wore in Jenn & Terry's wedding as the backing and binding.  Its a satin dress, so that, combined with the flannel with make it the perfect 'feely'.  (A feely, in my world, is a blanket, stuffed animal, pillow, or t-shirt that a child can feel while they're going to sleep or just need a comfort.  Mine was a t-shirt of my Dad's that my evil Mother threw away when SHE thought I was too old for it.  Meanie.)  Anyway, hope you like it, but I really hope Jenn, Terry and Henry like it.  Enjoy the pics!

White flannel.  I cut it into 9 squares.  I used a sheet of scrapbook paper for sizing.

Mix the dye.  I like this kind that comes in the bottle.  Squeeze dye is the best method.  These are a bit more expensive.  But, once you have the bottles you can buy the dye to add in after the 1st time.

Soak, 'sculpt' and tye your pieces.

After the pieces had lain overnight with they dye on them, I rinsed them and washed them.  Then I pieced them together and sewed them up.  Its not perfect, but I think it will be nice.  I love that it is so soft and so bright.  I am also particularly proud of the heart square.  It came out perfectly!!!

This is part of the pamphlet that came with the dye.  I haven't seen crappier examples of dye patterns anywhere.  These stink and they are supposed to be from the manufacturer.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this blanket, and that heart in the middle is AMAZING! I know that Henry will just love this blanket because his Aunt April made it just for him!

    We are SO excited to see it in person, I love the tye dye and the colors are fantastic! You are just SO SWEET!

    *BIG HUGS* to you my friend!