Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's Friday...almost!

I am so happy it's almost Friday.  Seriously, I was beginning to think the end of this week of h**l would never arrive.  Work has been INSANE and I am so ready for a day off!  I'm only working a partial tomorrow and then a few hours Saturday.  No work on Sunday and this girl is thrilled!!!!  (Saturday's work won't be too bad, just some of my staff and I doing some inventory and  clean up.  We don't have to ON and dealing with anyone except each other.  Yeah!!!)

Anyway, as I prepare for a short, but what will probably prove to be another challenging day, I have a few photos to share.  I have not been keeping up with my blog.  My writing challenge is blown and frankly I'm just tired lately.  I really need to get out more and hope to have some time to hike and enjoy the outdoors a little this weekend.  I may put my sewing projects aside and forget about them until the weather gets even cooler.  We'll see if that really happens. 

So, here's a few photos from this evening.  Nothing fancy, just pretty pictures.  At least I like most of them.  Enjoy!!!

A beautiful shot that caught my eye while I was working on the car.  (Nothing serious just routine stuff I have to do to keep my baby running.  My car is 12 years old and has driven a lot of miles!)  I stopped went inside and had to get my camera.  The sky was just gorgeous.  I'm really glad fall is on its way. (BTW, I totally think the front of this set of clouds looks like a dragon's head.)

A burst of color.  Some of the leaves are turning and southeastern Ohio is definitely a beautiful sight to see in the fall.

Another tree shot.  Please don't be surprised.

More whispy clouds.  Can you tell I don't spend much time out of doors these days?

So these flowers are lovely, even if a little 'dangerous.' I tried to take my photos quickly and run back into the house.  But, I loved this cute little beetle.  I couldn't resist getting a shot of him. (or her)

I like this.  The color is so bright and I like the focus.  I think it really pops.

The only picture I don't like.  My back steps are crumbling.  I think the landlord is going to have to deal with this soon.  I don't use these steps barely at all and frankly they are really becoming a hazard.  I want to be able to go out my 'back'/kitchen door and not be afraid I'll fall.  I have enough problems!

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