Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 4: What I'd wish for...

So, there are a lot of things I SHOULD wish for, entertaining the thought that I believed in wishes.  However, when I make a wish, (and yes, I do; Can't hurt to try) I usually wish for the same thing.  The same thing I've been wishing for for about the past 5 years.  'Someone'.  That's it.  Now the problem with this wish is, well, me.  While I like the idea of 'someone' the reality of being with 'someone', well anyone for that matter, is just, complicated.  I try, sometimes, but usually I end up sabotaging myself and realize I once again prefer to be alone.  Ugh.

But, if i happen to see a shooting star I will wish as I usually do and hope that there is 'someone' out there for me.  Who won't mind that I'm a bit bossy, stubborn, a loner, and just a tad odd.  Oh well, they say there's someone for everyone, say a prayer for the one that is meant for me.  Its going to be a tough ride for him. ;)

1 comment:

  1. You will definitely find that special someone who is just a perfect fit for you!! Believe me, he is out there saying the exact same thing and waiting for his April.

    Don't stop looking, he is out there.