Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hump Day, thank goodness...

I've been quite a bit off lately.  I'm having trouble finding any sort of balance in my life and I can't seem to get myself back on track.  I know part of the issue is my health; but honestly, I know there is something deeper.  I just haven't figured out what that deeper issue is yet.  If you might have any insight, please let me know.  I'd like to find my motivation and get back to myself.

Anyway, the last few nights I basically come home from work, check my email and posts and then settle in for a nap.  This is not like me.  I'm not a nap person.  I've never been one.  But, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday after I finished work, I came home and slept for at least an hour each day.  Weird.  Tonight, I was determined to break that streak.  After work I went straight to McDonalds and got an iced coffee.  I would not allow myself to get bogged down by fatigue and sleep and laze the evening away.  And it worked. 

I had started a project  briefly on Monday night.  I wanted to make myself a new wallet.  I have a nice Vera Bradley wallet that I've been using since April, but I've wanted to make something myself.  I had searched tutorials online but didn't find anything that particularly excited me or suited my needs.  So, I knew I'd have to design something myself.  My photos below will show you some of my process.  I am kind of proud of myself that I did this all on my own and have a unique pattern for a wallet.

I hope you like my lovely new wallet and maybe sometime in the future (when I'm making another wallet) I'll put together a tutorial.  In the meantime, I'll test drive this design and see how functional it is.  It should get a good test Friday. 

I'm scheduled to be off all day.  I have a doctors appointment in Columbus first thing in the morning, which may take a while; then I hope to be able to find a good salon to get my hair cut trimmed.  I am not fond of getting my hair cut/done.  I feel this way for several reasons.  It has been over a year since the last time I've had it cut and honestly, I really don't want to do this now.  For me they usually end up taking way more than I wanted cut.  But, I know the time has come for me to at least have the ends trimmed, but I'm always frightened of a trim. I like my hair long, (and I don't care what anyone thinks of that, especially my mother.)  I know I may not always do much with it, but I like it long and natural.  I'm not a fancy girl, but I think my hair gives me a way to actually look feminine sometimes.

Secondly, I don't like to be touched.  They always end up shampooing me with vigor and while I know most people enjoy that, I DO NOT.   I believe very strongly in personal space and while I will allow my hair to be cut, I generally avoid it for as long as I can, and really have to bite my tongue to get through the process.  (Please keep a safe and comfortable 3 ft. minimum personal zone of comfort while we are engaged in conversation or just in the same room.  Thank you!)

I'm also not particularly fond of the chatting that is 'supposed' to take place at a salon.  I'm a very private person and I would prefer we just keep things professional and get down to business.  You don't need to know all about my life and frankly I'm less than concerned with a stranger's life.  I know that sounds unfriendly and cold, but that is who I am.  I know I appear cold to a lot of people, but I'm just very reserved and don't feel the need to bond with every Tom, Dick or Harry I meet in my day to day life.  (Sorry, I'm ranting.)

So, we'll see how this ends up.  I found a salon that I'm willing to give a try, so I'll call tomorrow and see if they have anything available for Friday. 

Enough with the rambling from me, here are my photos for the day.  Enjoy!

First, draw a 'rough' pattern to give myself an idea of what I want to create.

Next, continue making the pattern and see the general shape and methodology of the piece.

Choose the fabric, cut and piece them together.  I've had this pattern fabric for well over 6 months and have not used it.  I love the colors and the pattern but I was just never inspired to use it for anything until now.  I'm glad I waited.

Make the zippered pocket.  I'm quite proud of myself for reasoning this out on my own.  I didn't look up a single tutorial but figured it out on my own from past experience.  Yippee!

My new wallet.  This is the front.
The back, with a pretty purple button.

It is not a huge wallet, which was my purpose.  I have a separate card holder for all my various club cards, information, credit cards, etc.  This wallet is for everyday stuff.  Cash, coins, my debit card and medical cards.  Small and functional.

I am pleased with myself that I actually thought through this project from start to finish.  I added pretty extra touches when they needed to be added instead of finishing and realizing, 'hey this would be pretty with a button and some ribbon.'

The Vera Bradley wallet I've been carrying and my own design.  I like mine a lot and it is so much smaller and carries the same amount of stuff!  Awesome!

This is a gift I received yesterday.  One of my former Preschoolers had been in Japan for several months to visit family.  They came in yesterday after getting back over the weekend.  They brought all of the Preschool staff these boxes of candies.  They're like a gel candy and are sooooo yummy!  I wish I was thoughtful like this!

The yummy gel candy.  It is made with real fruit and fruit juices.  This is a raspberry candy.  It is really good and they are so stinking cute!  Its almost too hard to eat it, but I still did.

The adorable packaging for the candy.  Why is it that so much stuff from Japan is so absolutely adorable!  I love this wrapping paper, the candy, the tin; I love everything about this.  Thanks Kai!!!


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