Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I just made up a new word, shapies.  Shapies are the reason I'm still up and going at almost midnight.  I am too stubborn for my own good.  I had an idea while at work today and, voila, I would not go to bed until it was done.  Like my life depended on it?  Oh April...

Anyway, I thought I'd share my project with you.  Its not fancy, but I like them, A LOT!  I think they're adorable, so if you don't like them, well fine.  I do and I am sincerely hoping that my children will like them.  Of course they're preschoolers and they like me generally, so, we'll see...

Meet the Shapies family.  I made them from felt that my Mom bought me several years ago.  I have tons of felt!  The children in Preschool are talking about shapes this week and I've been wanting to make some stuffed toys, so here we are.

The youngest Shapie, Estrella.  Her name is Star in Spanish.
This is Dad.  He's called Oranje.  That's orange in Dutch!

Mom's name is Rose.  (That's another word for pink!)
This is big sister Rechtek.  Her name means rectangle in German.
This is little brother Piazza.  His name is Italian for square.

And finally we have big brother Diamante.  His name means diamond in Portuguese.
I hope you like them and I can't wait to see what the kids think.  Good night!

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