Sunday, September 4, 2011

New projects, a few photos

If you know me, you know I'm usually working on something crafty.  Lately my craft of choice has been sewing.  However, in the past I have also been very into (and have tons of supplies still for) jewelry making, painting (Donna Dewberry style), scrapbooking and stamping.  I also enjoy my tye dye (a lot), have done a little bit of crocheting, and some cross stitch.  But one thing I've never ventured into before was embroidery.  I was facinated by this style of sewing that has a pattern but leaves the stitches up to you.  Yes, patterns tell you what kind of stitch to use, but unlike cross stitch where you have a set grid for making stitches, this is just an open piece of fabric.  I liked the idea of this challenge and the somewhat less structured approach.  (I also hate numbers and counting, so I don't particularly care for counted cross stitch.)

So, my pictures for tonight are of my newest venture, embroidery.  I found a WONDERFUL website (see here) and have been practicing some stitches.  I'm not very good.  I need to work a lot on conformity, spacing and evenness in my stitches.  But, I plan to work on this and hopefully improve.  The nice thing about this is that it will be portable.  So when I'm sitting, say waiting to see a doctor, have tests, etc. I can carry my embroidery along with me and keep myself occupied.  Enjoy my pics.  (Please don't judge me, I'm new at this embroidery stuff!)

Satin stitch (green), running stitch, chain stitch

running stitch with weaving

Butterfly stitch

Lazy Daisy stitch (petals), stem stitch

A little bit of crochet I started today too.  Not sure what its gonna be, so I'm just stitching.

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  1. That Daisy is pretty, you should do something more with it!

    I miss crocheting but I just haven't been in the mood lately to do....which sucks because I have a blanket for Henry that he will not get from me when he is born because I still have so much left :( oh well, maybe I will take it to the hospital incase I have a long labor!