Monday, September 12, 2011

My weekend

This has not been an overly exciting weekend.  However, I feel that I was moderately productive this weekend, so that is definitely a good thing.  Today I haven't left the house at all, which is a very good thing with the pollen count the way it is.  I did get some work done here in the house and watched several episodes of 'Say Yes to the Dress.'  I really think it is a good show to study the human condition and the mess of our society.  So much fuss for a dress.  Unfortunately I do agree that there is some importance to that particular type of dress just not to the tune of 11,000 dollars and smacking someone because you don't like what you get.  People, who knows.

Anyway, I am working on an extended post that will show you how I spent the bulk of my weekend, finishing my big project.  The blanket for baby Henry.  I feel like a terrible 'Auntie'.  He is already 3 days old and I haven't even mailed out his birthday present!  I just hope he (more specifically his parents) like it.  It is not a great blanket.  But I think I covered up the worst of my mistakes and all I can say is this was my first attempt.  I had no idea how challenging this would be.  I really envisioned this as an easy project that would be done in no time.  That was not the case, but the effort was well worth it for Henry and as a learning experience.  I plan to keep those mistakes in mind next time I attempt something like this.

But, all-in-all it came out pretty good.  As I mentioned above I'll have more in my post tomorrow (actually today) in the evening so anyone who is experienced in sewing can laugh at my work and maybe offer a little sage advice for the next time I attempt something like this.  But for now its on to the next project.  I already know what Henry and my own niece and nephews will be getting as part of their Christmas presents, I just have to start production.  Wish me luck on my next sewing venture!

I'll leave you with one quick snapshot of the blanket just to whet your appetite.  (That is if anyone actually reads this!)  Goodnight and Enjoy!


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