Monday, September 26, 2011

Just another day...

Today was just a normal day.  Nothing too exciting.  Well, maybe something a bit REALLY exciting, but I'm not sure I want to share yet.  Its big friends, real big!  I am thrilled and will share soon, just not yet.  A bit more time is necessary for something THIS BIG!  (I hope you're dying of curiosity, it will be good when you know.  At least I think so...And no, sorry its nothing to do with my health.  No change there, yet.)

Back to the blog.  Today was just a normal day for most accounts.  Work, home to do chores, attempt to relax, takes some photos, etc.  My pictures today are pretty to me and I hope you enjoy them too!

My new soy candle from Yankee Peddler.  It smells so good.  My house smells like yummy caramel apples!

My new 'coffee' mug.  I totally drank my coffee from it this morning.  It was able to hold the 2 cups I like to have, with room to spare.  Brilliant!

A splash of color.  I swear it wasn't there yesterday.

Rainbow in a neat sky.  The colors were amazing tonight in the clouds.  Everything was orangish.

While most of the sky had an orange tint, there were several clouds that were greenish.  I really liked the effect.

Another rainbow shot.  I took this about 5 minutes about the other and it is amazing to see the difference in the sky coloring in that short time period.


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