Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 5: A person I miss

My writing thought for today was I a person I miss.  But, in actuality lately I've been missing a couple of people.  Several weeks ago my cousins' grandmother passed.  After she died it really made me think a lot about, and miss my grandparents.  

My grandmother (mother's side) died when I was a year old.  I have pictures with her, a few mementos but for the most part the biggest thing I have from grandma is a certain part of my anatomy and a few of the illnesses I have.  I know though that her biggest legacy lie in my mother and aunt and conversely in myself and my cousins.  From stories I've heard I know she was a strong, independent woman, who loved her family greatly and I hope that some of that has been taught to and passed down to me.

My grandfather (father's side) died when I was 4.  I have one memory of my grandfather and to be honest I try not to think about it very often.  My grandfather died of pancreatic cancer.  After he was diagnosed it all happened relatively fast.  So, the only memory I have of this man (who I know was a good man) is when I saw him last at my grandparents house in the hospital bed, in the den where he died.  Its not a fond memory and looking at it, as I do, from the perspective of a small child, its a bit terrifying.  Recently I saw a picture of my grandfather and was thrilled to see something I've never noticed before.  Paul (my youngest nephew) looks a bit like him. Phillip, my younger brother, has certain attributes that are like grandpa and Paul definitely takes after Phil!

My grandfather (mother's side) died when I was 15.  He was the grandparent I was blessed to know and loved dearly.  I have so many fond memories of my grandfather and think a lot of what he would think of my life and especially how much he'd enjoy our crazy kids.  So many times little things make me think of him and more and more my older brother Andy (and my Mom) remind me of him in a million ways.

So, for today I will think a little about these three people who I love and miss.  Goodnight!


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