Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yankee Peddler

My mother, sister-in-law Angela, and I had a splendid morning/early afternoon yesterday at a Craft Fair/Historical Demonstration called Yankee Peddler at Clay's Park just outside Massillon, Ohio.  I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but my Mom was adamant that she wanted to go.  I'm up for any type of shopping (especially with a bribe of $40 each for Ang and I) and I, as is obvious from most of this blog, love crafts.

I have to say, I LOVED IT!  Every minute (even when I was sneezing) was so much fun.  Walking around this park, in the WOODS, checking out all of the unique creations and just exploring the area.  It was great.  There were several 'encampments' and different points of historical attraction, but mainly, lots of crafts (not kitchy, classy and amazing!), some good food, and one of my favorite things in the whole wide world, FUNGUS!  Yes, lots of fungus in the moist woods.  It was great.  (There will be a separate blog post for all my photos of fungi!)

Anyway, we had a lovely day.  Spending time with these two women I love, walking in the woods (I have missed that so much and my knee barely hurt.  Yippee!), and just checking out every one's handi-work.  Some of those people are incredibly talented and make my attempt at sewing, painting, jewelry making look so cheap.  I did end up purchasing several items with my 'allowance'.  I got a coffee mug, (really a soup mug-its huge), some lip/hand balm made of beeswax, and a candle that smells delishishly of caramel apples.  The candle I purchased was from the only booth that I was able to smell things and not be sent into a fit of pain and sneezing.  Most of the booths with candles/scented things I couldn't even stand in front of because of my 'sensitivities' but these soy candles were incredible.  I'm also really excited about the lip/hand balm.  Its in a huge stick (looks almost like deodorant) and since its made out of bee balm is very healing.  Winter is hard on my hands since I'm washing them all the time around the kids and I hope this will be a solutions to help prevent so much bleeding and cracking.  It really hurts when your skin just splits open.  Seriously.

I did take a few pictures, though none of the crafts (that would be rude) and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed my day.  Thanks Mom and I love you so much.  I have the best, most awesome parents anywhere who are ridiculously supportive and help me with everything.  No one understands what I go through a tiny bit as much as my parents do.  They are great!

Enjoy the pics!

The little creek that runs through the park.  I just thought it was cute and I love the babbling sound. 

Angela in the stocks.  She must have been pretty bad.  Too bad I didn't have any tomatoes...

A map of the park/festival.  It really was so cool.

My favorite picture EVER.  It is now my background and I can't wait to print out a copy, probably 8x10!  I have wanted to do this myself for a while and now I HAVE to make a fairy garden.  This is soooooooo cute!

A look out over the lake towards the campgrounds.  It was a perfect fall day.  Cool, but not cold.  Lovely weather.
The wagon train encampment.  They were cooking a massive roast over a fire.  It looked really good, even to me a strict vegetarian and who is often nauseated by any food smells.  I'd love to cook like that.  (and have the time to do so.)
The sign says (sorry for the blurry) 'Beware the Troll under Bridge'.  I wanted Mom to stand under but, Ang volunteered.  I love the look on her face!  Perfect.

This was so great.  A fallen tree with a carving and the most beautiful fungus growing all over it.  I was not the only person shooting pictures.  More pictures of the fungus will be in my separate blog post.
Upshot of a tree.  I kinda like doing this. :)

Another tree carving.  I think the artist just 'finds' the face in the tree and releases it.  Trees have spirits.
A Daddy Long Legs.  You might ask why I would have a photo of this, but my niece & nephew & I are always on the lookout for 'Jack.'  A few years ago, when the kids were 2 or 3 when we were camping I made up this story about Jack, the Daddy Long Legs.  Ever since then any time we see one, the kids say 'hey, there's Jack!'  Its one of those precious things that happen by accident and become a treasure.  I really love my babies!
A Tee Pee that was part of the 'Mountain Man' encampment.  There were a lot of bones, turtle shells and hides in the rest of the encampment.  So, I stuck with the tee pee.
The beautiful woods.  This was the last photo I took as we were leaving.  A great shot for the ending of a great adventure.  I would definitely recommend the festival to anyone.  It runs for 3 weekends every year in September and is great.  We will totally be going again!


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