Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 3: Something Funny I Heard

I was afraid this one was going to be a hard day to write something.  I spent most of the day in the house again and isolated from most of the world.  My entire family is gone, camping, boating and enjoying each others company.  Not that I blame them, they should be doing that, but I wasn't planning on too much fun or funny in my day. 

However, while I was working on a new project this evening, I looked to Netflix to see what I could watch while I worked.  Lo and behold, Craig Ferguson.  I love him.  I enjoy his late night show, loved him on Drew Carey, have watched several of his movies lately (Saving Grace is really good) and also watched his latest stand up special, "Does this need to be said?"  So, when I saw Netflix had an earlier stand up special, I decided to give it a whirl.  "A wee bit o' revolution' is hilarious. 

Yes, he's a bit vulgur.  Yes, he talks about drugs and alcoholism.  But, seriously, the man is so stinkin' funny!  I really enjoyed the video and would highly recommend it to anyone.  I particularly enjoy his bit about his mother.  Mother's (and teachers) say the strangest things sometimes and there's really no accounting for it.   I know, I've done it myself. 

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  1. I *ADORE* Craig Ferguson! He is hilarious and his comedy specials are great. My parents saw his show in person and said that he is wonderful.