Sunday, September 25, 2011


I have a love/hate relationship with fungus.  Right now I am thrilled to have found so many amazing examples of fungus in nature.  I'm also fighting very hard against the fungus that is raging in my body and threatening to damage me irrevocably, if we haven't already reached that point.  Its quite a bit depressing really.  Something I love in nature and something that is ravishing my body. 

Anyway, sorry for the aside.  For several years now I've held an obsessive relationship with fungus (in nature!)  I love finding species I haven't seen before.  All kinds.  Ant this time of year is the best time for fungal growth.  Its moist, things are dying (as they do in the fall) and some days its warm.  Fungus is sprouting up everywhere.  GREAT!!!

Below are a few photos I've taken.  Most I took yesterday at the Yankee Peddler Show, the last few are some I found in my own front yard.  I was thrilled to see them there this morning and am now saddened that my landlord mowed and killed them. :(

Anyway, enjoy the pics.  I know I will!


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