Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Today was field trip day.  Our big field trip was to COSI today and the kids had a blast.  I had fun, but am now miserable and in pain.  Oh well, my kids are worth it.  Well, here are my photos.  Most of them are blurry faces and back shots of the kids.  I have better pics but I don't want to have clear pictures of my kids on the internet.  The drive to Columbus is rough, but worth it in the end.  Anyhow, enjoy!!

Looking in the aquariums at snakes, crayfish, frogs, fish, etc.  Too cool.

The mechanical dinosaur bones.  The kids could move a pulley to move the head and tail.

The older girls playing a game.  They were crazy people.

Two groups of kids watching the pendulum.  They were enthralled.  (My kids/staff are the ones in the bright tye dyed shirts.)

Making TV.  It was so cool, there was a green screen and the kids were doing all sorts of things. 

One of the kids on the high wire unicycle.  I hated this.  It was high and just looked scarey.  Its perfectly safe, but ugh.  I was terrified the entire time my kids were riding this.  They all did fine but, Miss April's heart was racing and my stomach was flipping.

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  1. That is funny that you were there yesterday I was on facebook and noticed that one of my friends on Facebook (Chad Winans) was at Cosi yesterday. I looked through both sets of pictures to see if there were any tye dyed t-Shirts or pictures of them in your photos but I did not see any. Just thought I would share this funny coincidence.