Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Day with the Kids

Today I got to spend a day with the kids.  We were not quite as active as I'd like to be (my fault) but I hope we had a little bit of fun.  We had several moments that I wanted to particularly highlight and thought I'd share with all of you. 

Please excuse my editing.  I have been getting used to and experimenting with Picasa, so all of my pictures are 'done up' in one or two styles.  Hope its not too much and they don't look tacky and thrown together.  I'm not really too good at this, yet....

Anyway, here's a 'few' pictures of my day!  Enjoy!

First off, after a bit of play time separately (Nick & Kayla together; Paul & Aunt April together) we all came together for some dancing and gymnastics.  Kayla is really on her way towards a perfect handstand.  (She also did a really good back flip, though the first time was unintentional!)

Nicholas with a blend of break dance (his forte) and gymnastics.  He's coming along with his attempts at a handstand.  We'll see where that leads!

Nick & Paul doing the wheel barrow.  So cute, I can't even begin to describe.  They've been working on it and I think they'll really have it down pat soon!

My Mom is convinced some day Kayla will be playing in a coffee shop.  I'm not so sure, but she sure does play the part!  She is definitely a performer.

Coloring pictures.  Paul REALLY likes making dots on the paper.  Its soooooooo funny!!!  (He just kept giggling and giggling, it was so stinkin' cute!)

Kayla's picture.  I trip to the zoo with friends.  Very nice drawing and writing!

Nicholas with his picture of the family at the beach.  Underneath he wrote a 'dissertation' on his trip to Hilton Head.  The boy is bound to be a great writer (and reader!)

Since we were having 'issues' sharing the basketball I tried to teach them how to play foursquare, just with two people.  They grasped the basic concept and it kept them busy and NOT arguing for quite a while!


Sitting in the tree.  She got herself up all on her own.  Now, look at those legs!!!!  She is going to be so tall. (BTW, check out the shorts!  She loved them and I love the way they look on her.  Very much the length of Bermuda shorts, which, I'll admit makes Aunt April very happy.  I don't like short shorts!)
Up a tree!  He had to figure out how to balance himself and smile for the picture.  He doesn't appear to be too fond of heights which I am TOTALLY cool with! 
When we went over to the trees, he wanted up.  He hangs on all by himself and is so big!  Where is our baby?

Monkey's in a tree!

I'm not sure why she looks so surprised.  Oh well, its Kayla, who ever knows what that child is thinking!

He is determined to get up by himself.  He almost made it.  I think a few more times practicing and he'll be climbing up in no time!  He is so focused when he wants to do something!

We found a little friend.....

This adorable Toad!!!  I saw him in the mulch and he blended in so well.  He is all black and so cute.  Kayla immediately wanted to pick him up and after she finally caught him we put him in a container so Nick could touch him.  (I took him once Kayla grabbed him and he peed all over me!)  Paul refused to get near the container.  He wanted nothing to do with the toad.  We let him go and quickly went inside to wash our hands. 


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