Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 7 Photo Challenge: Something new

Well, I would like to have a photo of the something new I've been working on all day.  But, my new purse is not yet finished and won't be for a while, so that will have to wait.  (I will include a preview with this post though.)

So, for my picture for the challenge today this is my photo:

My new mug and photo frame from Hilton Head.  Thanks Mom & Dad!  I have really been into turtles lately and LOVE these!  Sea Turtles are so beautiful.  Now I just need a nice picture to go in the frame.  Mom said she's going to print me out one of Her & Dad with Nick and Paul on vacation.  Sounds so great!
Now for a preview of my new purse.  Are you excited yet?!!!

Fabulous Fabrics!  It is going to be sooooo pretty!  Maybe tomorrow I'll have it done and you'll be able to see how awesome it is!


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