Sunday, August 7, 2011

Photo Challenge: 1-6

I'm going to do the first few challenges all in one post.  I've taken lots of pictures today, and I'm not sure all of them are very good!  Anyhow, enjoy, if you can!

That's me.  Not my best looking day, but not bad for as sweaty as I am in this heat!

What I wore today. Two things I chose to highlight: my leg wrap (Thanks Dad for this great wrap!) & my pretty pink toenail polish.  I LOVE nail polish but usually only wear it on my toes since when I wear it on my fingers it chips so easily!

Clouds.  There was a nasty storm (and possibly there will be more) that came through about an hour ago.  Ominous clouds!

Periwinkle!!!!  Favorite color ever.  And this photo is a prelude to another photo in the bunch!

Someone I Love.  How could I chose one?  I adore all of them and since they're not here, I took a picture of their pictures.  These are all about 1 year to 18 month pictures.  None of them are that age any longer, but they will always be my babies. 
Favorite childhood memory: Barbie all the way.  I have so many memories of Barbie.  (Barbara Millicent Roberts, to be exact!)  I love thinking about how I wished for a Barbie as a present for every birthday, Christmas and just ALWAYS!!!!  I also love to think about my Barbie dream house: Playing under the dining room table with the chairs for rooms.  I love you Barbie and always will!


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