Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 11 Photo Challenge: Something Fun!

I had a friend in college who told me, "When you're feeling blue and don't want to go to work, leave the house, or do anything; buck up, put on a dress and you'll feel better."  Now, its not always true, but 9 times out of 10, it works.  Mainly it works because, when you're a woman like me, in a job like mine, you don't always look glamorous, and people notice.  (Most of the time, during the summer, I'm wearing athletic shorts and a tee-shirt with sneakers and my hair in a nondescript, but functional pony tail or braid.)

This week has been mundane.  Knee problems, job problems, just general ickyness. So, this morning I decided to put on one of my pretty dresses and sweaters to try to lighten my mood.  It didn't work completely but it helped.  I felt pretty, was complimented several times, and not just by my kids trying to suck up. (BTW for those of you new to my blog, I run a Day Care Center and we're currently finishing up our Day Camp for 70-75 kids.)

My picture tonight uses my pretty dress as a background and features my totally fabulous newly painted nails.  I LOVE this sparkle and am sure to have lots of fun showing it off!  (This polish is Show it & Glow it! by OPI, the only brand of nail polish I'll buy these days.)  It is so pretty and I know my kids are going to love it tomorrow.  One must be festive for the last day of camp.  Party time!  (And I'm celebrating the fact that I'm with my babies on the last day of camp, as opposed to last year when I was in the hospital following major surgery!)  So anything is better than last year and SO MUCH more fun!



  1. ooo, pretty polish :)

    Yeah, the kids in my class are big Suess fan's. My husband's favorite is Wocket in my Pocket. I think my favorites are Cat in the Hat, Cat in the Hat comes Back, and My many Colored Days :)