Wednesday, August 31, 2011 what

The last few days have gone from unpleasant to unbearable.  Yeah!!

Monday started the allergy reaction and today it is really peaking.  (Though I'm under no illusion that it is over.)  I ended up at Urgent care for a shot in my backside (even stronger than the ones I normally get), increased medications and a strict warning that if things do not improve and/or get worse I am to GO TO THE ER.   I don't want to.  I hated going to urgent care.  I tried all morning just speaking with the nurse at the doctor's office but she told me I HAD to go to Urgent Care or the ER since breathing was becoming an issue.  Ugh.

Anyway, now I'm home taking the rest of the day off to spend in my air conditioned room.  This sucks.  My weekend is shot (no camping for me.)  I am seriously worried about being able to have my procedure on Tuesday and am just generally irritated.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  (That's me screaming on the inside.) 

At least I go to see my primary doctor tomorrow and he can help me get this under control (I hope.)  The nurse practitioner said at Urgent Care that if things get worse 'we won't be able to keep treating this in an outpatient manner.'  Great.  So I may be looking at hospital admissions.  :(  Pray for me please.  I am really losing control here and hope I am able to keep breathing.  Pollen sucks!

Anyway (sorry for the whining rant) since I'm stuck in my room I've been thinking of things I can do for the next, I don't know, 2 months, until this gets better.  So, my photos today are just some quick ideas I've come up with so far.  Maybe I'll get more creative the longer I have to dwell on things.  Or just scarier...  Enjoy the pics.

Paint my nails.  Something I need to do anyway before I go to the doctor tomorrow.  I don't want anyone thinking I'm a slob with icky nails! Now, what color?

Color!!!!  I love to color and these are just 2 of the books I currently have.  There are many, many, many more.  I have issues, I know.

Watch movies, tv, etc.  I've already watched one movie and think I'll be watching more soon!  I love Netflix!!!

Organize my crayons.  They're in rainbow order.  Here's red (pink), orange, yellow...

green, (teal) blue...

blue, purple, black, gray, white, metallics, and browns.  Isn't this so pretty?!

Play inane, childish games on my blackberry.  I love memory.

Eat.  This was a late lunch.  I had tater tots too!

Read.  I always have books.

Make lists and prepare for my doctors appointments.  I am so type A it isn't even funny!

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  1. I LOVE YOU and this post just makes me want to give you a hug.

    I love that you organize your crayons by color. (I do that too!)

    Coloring is one of my favorite things to crayons and coloring books are always next to the couch.

    Netflix = AWESOME.

    Paint a pretty fall color in hopes that it gets cooler and stays cool!