Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 12 Photo Challenge: Up Close

Today was a bittersweet day.  The last day of Day Camp.  I am officially on vacation and thrilled to have my biggest program of the year.  For the next 4 months I can put Summer Camp out of my mind.  You would think that after 7 years it would be getting easier.  In some ways it is, I know what to do, have routines, trips, snacks, etc. planned and set from year to year.  But staffing, issues with kids, paperwork, Licensing stuff, etc. always provides interesting and new challenges.  One thing is for sure, I'll never be bored doing this job!

My picture from today is of one of my kids with my artwork on thier face.  We did face paint during out end of the summer 'party' and I took pictures of most of the kids.  I zoomed in a lot on this one, specifically for this challenge.  I'm not an artist by any stretch of the imagination, but its not half bad.  Enjoy!

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