Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Well, at least the day is over...

Today, as has been par for the course lately, was not my day.  A problem that began Saturday continued to get worse today and (wait for it) I ended up at the doctor's office.  What a surprise.  Well, not one of my regular doctors, but the Urgent Care.  Joy. 

So, a few x-rays, a knee support and a lot of pain later, this day will go down officially as miserable.  Ick.

Anyway, here's some photos from today (and one actually from yesterday.)  I'm going to attempt to go to bed now, but that probably isn't going to go well.  Ehh, what can ya do?

This is my photo from yesterday.  I bought Duke a pack of treats (on sale) and he devoured one of them.  Seriously, seconds and it was gone!  Must have been yummy dried meat. (Insert puking noise from me.  Meat is icky.)

I really wish this shot would have come out better.  Imagine 5 of these driers tossing their clothes about.  Each drier  is filled with a different color of tye dyed t-shirts.  All bright and pretty.  It was so cool, and the shot sucked. 

Tye Dyed T-Shirts.  I love tye dye (there will be more blogging about this in the near future).  I made there for my kiddos at work for tomorrow.  We go on our big field trip to COSI tomorrow and I always have the kids wear tye dyed shirts for our big trip.  80 shirts this year, not bad.  And we will be so rockingly (yeah, its a new word) awesome.

Leg, in a brace.  Stupid knee.  And tomorrow is the biggest field trip of the year.  Had to call a sub in to take my spot for the trip.  I'll still be going, I'll just be stationed in a set spot in case trouble arises.  I really want to cry thinking about missing out on this day of fun.  I'll be there, but won't be in on all the great adventures through the fun with my kids.  Very sad.  :(

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  1. Oh no, what happened to your knee?!

    I am sorry you can't partake in the field trip, but those shirts are fantastic! How fun. Let us know how the trip went.

    Whose dog is that?