Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sunset and falling shadows

Another busy day.  First day of school for the big kids.  They did well and we'll hope the Kindergartners do as well on their first day Thursday.  That is always one of my most stressful times. Praying all my little ones get on the right buses and make it to us safely.  Parents have to worry about 1 or maybe 2 kids; with the Kindergartners I have 10 to worry about, plus all the others. 

Anyway, since the photo challenge for today was sunset I decided to take some progression photos.  I went out about every 20 minutes from 7:45 to around 8:30.  Tonight was not as spectacular as last night, but still some nice pics.  Hope you enjoy!

Okay, this was an attempt.  I wanted to get a pretty shot of my skirt because I love it, but I just wasn't satisfied with any of the 20 I took.  I used this one as a make-do and did a little creative editing.  Not the best, but I'm working on improving.

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  1. I love cloud pictures....I could just take tons of those pictures :)