Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 14 Photo Challenge: Flowers

Another day of driving.  Here I am back home in Smithville enjoying the rain showers.  On the way I got to see some lovely clouds, showers and a few rainbows.  Of course I also had to contend with the idiots who forget how to drive in the rain, and saw 3 accidents on 71 South.  Its really not that challenging people!

Anyway, on to my photo.  I went out in the front yard, thinking I would get a shot of my hydrangea, and I did, but another photo caught my eye.  The only Black Eyed Susan left in the garden proved irresistible.  So, after a little 'creative' editing, here she is.  Enjoy!
Flower for Photo Challenge by aprildb80

Flower for Photo Challenge, a photo by aprildb80 on Flickr.


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