Monday, August 29, 2011

WHAT THE .....Monkey?!!!

Monkey is the word I use when I don't want to swear or say something inappropriate.  The children think it is funny and don't consider the fact that I'm upset, hurt or seriously monkeyed! Today I would say I was all three of those things.

For a Monday the day started out great.  I was up and at work by 6:45 am, got a lot of things done while hanging with Before School (my kids helped me do some coloring for preschool and even made me my own place mat for snack!  Love them.)  Perfect start to the day.

Then Preschool.  Also a breeze.  We only have a few kids so far (some aren't three yet and others are traveling), so Miss Lowrene (my lead teacher) was great by herself and things went EXTREMELY well for a first day.  Since things were good this meant I could get some work done.  Off to the grocery store, nice time shopping, found everything I needed, quick & pleasant check out.  All is right with the world.  At this point I should have guessed that I was screwed...monkeyed.

After unloading and putting away my groceries and supplies I settled into my office to get some work done.  Time sheets, request for leave forms, tons and tons of paperwork anxiously waiting for me.  Not my favorite work, but not too difficult.  So I settled in and got to work.

At about noon, things started to go wrong.  I was hot.  Really hot.  At first I shrugged it off.  Our building is a mess when it comes to temperature regulation and I figured I was being paid back for all the whining I had been doing lately about the icebox that is my office.  Funny thing though, it got worse.  Then I realized the heat was only on my face and neck.  Odd...

At 12:30 I was getting ready to go to lunch.  I went to the restroom quick before I left and then I knew.  Idiot.  I've done this before.  Several times.  My face and neck, chest, and now belly were all covered in large red splotches.  Some you could even call welts. Monkey...hives.  So, I went home quick.  Took a dose of liquid benadryl (the last I had), called the allergist and attempted to eat a little something.  Nope, that wasn't going to happen either.  My normal esophagus problem was worsened with the swelling and eating was pretty much out of the question.  Monkey, monkey, monkey, monkey, monkey!  I contemplated staying home.  What good would that do?  I had lots of work to do and frankly if it got worse I was closer to Urgent Care and the ER while at work.

Anyway.  The afternoon was miserable.  I itched everywhere.  Top of my head to the bottom of my feet.  EVERYWHERE.  I probably looked like someone who has fleas or lice since I was itching and wiggling so much.  Hives really stink.  A lot!  The doctor's office called back and confirmed my suspicion.  I'm very sensitive to weed pollen and it is really high right now.  (My allergist likes to remind me that my reactions to weed and grass pollens are 'off the chart!')  Take 2 of my regular antihistamines at bedtime (instead of one and these suckers are STRONG) and start taking Zyrtec to in the morning. 

After finishing work, I went straight to the pharmacy, got some more meds (lovely...I'm going broke for drugs) and went home to drug up.  After taking a Zyrtec and sitting in my air conditioned bedroom a while, things got better.  My face is still a bit red, but the general 'sunburn' appearance to the rest of my skin has faded a bit.  My lips are still slightly swelled and I'll be sleeping with my epi pens on the nightstand, but for now things have slightly improved.  For now....

So, can I say I think I am one tough b**ch?  Its not enough to have major esophageal and stomach problems, to have a stress fracture, to have asthma that is progressively worsening, and so on. But to have such severe allergies I break out in hives just from the air.  Wow.  That's monkey.  And I not only worked a regular full day, I worked over.  I didn't go home early or even on time.  I stayed, did all the things that needed to be done and was pleased with what was happening when I left.  I'm proud of myself.

Now here I am at the end of the day, whining to you, my computer, and praying for an easier day tomorrow.  I honestly have no delusion that it will happen, but I'll still pray for it and hope.  Maybe I'll laugh a bit too as I read this.  It really is kinda funny.  And if I don't laugh I will cry (and have my eventual nervous break down.  Come on folks, we all know its coming...)

Well, here's my photos for tonight.  The first one and last one are pretty nice.  The other two, well they are a statement to my current life.  Our Photo Challenge today was something you purchased and the two middle photos fit that bill. Enjoy!

There are some lovely benefits to getting up early.  A beautiful sunrise in Athens County, Ohio.

Photo Challenge: Day 29-Purchased!  I bought this just this afternoon to help stem the tide of hives.

This chain was made by one of my EIGHT YEAR OLD BOYS.  Specifically for me.  Totally blew my mind.  Sometimes they are so sweet.  Wait a minute, what's he up to?


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