Monday, August 22, 2011

Never stop moving

Today was one of those days when I don't really get to stop moving.  From the time I got up this morning I was composing emails with instructions for employees before I even got out of bed.  Now, I'm back sitting on my bed writing my blog, dreaming about sleep.  But there is laundry drying and things to be done.  But, of course I have to take a few moments to blog, especially for my photo challenge photo. (And to youtube Christina Perry's 'Arms' video.  I love that song and am seriously obsessed with listening to it.  I have it as my current ring tone so I get to listen to a piece of it daily.  I really need to purchase the MP3 but don't want to spend the money.  Oh well, I'll keep you-tubing it instead.  Anyone else love this song?)

Anyway, since I had to work late today, my photos were taken after 8 pm, while the sun was setting.  It was a beautiful sunset.  I actually took pictures while driving home because the sky was so beautiful.  The theme for the photo challenge today was Trees.  Of course I love trees and have a lot of great shots of some beautiful trees.  But, I generally try to stay true to the rules (well, my rules) and take an original photo daily.  So, while these may not be the best shots of trees I've ever produced, they are today's and I like them.  (You will notice my favorite 'tree' shot includes a lot of sky and sunset, hmmmm... coincidence?)  My sky photos are at the bottom and I've included some other photos.  Be sure to read the caption on the last shot!


Last week watching Kayla and Nicholas try to climb trees made me jealous.  Do you think it would be bad to ask the Orthopedist at my next appointment when will I be healed enough to climb a tree?

I have always really like my Ginkgo tree in the front yard.  This leaf looks like a butterfly!

I adore this shot.  I think it may be my new desktop.  The tree, the clouds, the color and contrast; love it!

Yeah, I took this while driving.  Its pretty darn good for a moving shot!

More pretty sky, with a little tree.

This is what I think heaven looks like.

Cotton clouds.

A new project I'm working on.  Any guesses as to what I'm creating?

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  1. Are you making another bag?! I really like the fabric!

    Love the cloud pictures and I don't think you should be climbing any trees my friend! HAHA! :)

    Hope you are well!