Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 13 Photo Challenge: From a Distance

Today starts my vacation.  So, today I did a couple things I really like to do.  Tomorrow I leave to go home and between doctor's appointments, an interview and now, sadly, a funeral for someone very special; my week of vacation isn't going to go quite as I had hoped and planned.  That's okay.  In life, we must all be adaptable.

Anyway, I wanted to do 2 things in particular today before I started prepping to travel.  I went on a VERY SHORT hike and went to the Nelsonville Quilt Company.  My hike was short only because, well, the knee thing is still a major problem.  But there was a spot I really wanted to see and where I wanted to take a few pictures.  So, I put on my ace wrap, walked extremely slowly and got a chance to get some good pictures.  Don't worry friends I was really, really careful.  But, I am also really, really stubborn and I was tired of not being able to walk.

I then headed to the Quilt Company where I 'window shopped.'  So many amazing fabrics, but really nothing overly that spoke to me.  That is a GREAT thing, as I can't afford to spend a lot of money right now.  I did buy 3 fat quarters which all have a very specific purpose and I hope to complete them tonight and tomorrow. 

Sorry, I"m rambling.  During my walk I took a lot of photos.  But this one is my favorite.  I love trees.  Really, really love trees.  I honestly believe they have a spirit and a wisdom that transcends anything we mere mortals can understand.  Trees are awesome.  This photos is of a simple pine tree.  But no tree is really ever simple.  I was taught years ago that to tell the age of a pine you count the layers of the branches.  And the distance between the layers indicates whether each year was a layer of good rain and nourishment or of drought.  Again, awesome.  Here's my picture.  The upward shot of a pine tree.  Reaching toward heaven and always into my heart. 

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  1. I really like that picture

    I am SO sorry to hear that someone passed away. HUGS

    (YAY for an interview!)

    I want to learn how to make quilts....maybe some day