Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 8 Photo Challenge: Technology

So lately my 'BB' and I haven't been getting along very well.  She has developed a tendancy to freeze up and I'm not fond of that.  She also doesn't like to get my work emails (though I'm beginning to see that as a WONDERFUL THING!)

However, for better, for worse, I adore her and she is my very own Blackberry.  Taking pictures, shooting video, surfing the web, playing music, helping me work out, (when I'm not wounded-by the way the MRI on my knee is tomorrow), playing games, help me find my way anywhere, assist me with my shopping (I like to make lists) and helping me to keep track of so many important facts, documents and days in my life.   Oh, and by the way, it sends texts, emails AND makes & receives phone calls too!  A-MAZ-ING!!

BB, I do love you and can't imagine how I would keep track of myself (or my life!) without you!  Cheers! (And yes, I am a little crazy.  My doctor knows and we're dealing with that. Thank you.)


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