Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My new bag, my new bag....

Yes, I'm very excited to have finally finished my purse.  I love it and am so thrilled to begin using it tomorrow.  Can't wait to show it off!  So, while I'm working on my tutorial (though, really does anyone care?) I thought I'd post a few pictures of the bag itself. 

I made it my style with one outside pocket for my Blackberry, 3 inside pockets for lots of stuff and the entire thing is BIG.  I like big.  The closure is a button, since I haven't quite figured out how to put the magnetic snaps on yet.  (I'm working on that.)  Anyway, I like it and if no one else does, that's alright.  Its mine anyways!


Here she is.  I love the frog on the fabric.  He looks so sweet and friendly.  Sorry he's upside down, just one of several mistakes on the entire bag.  But, its home made so it won't be perfect, just unique.

The front of the bag.  Frogs, bikes, watering cans, flowers, trees.  So much cute stuff on this fabric. 

The back of the bag with a small pocket just right for my BB.  Love that purple.
All the items I cram in my bag.  The bottom left is a home made wristlet I LOVE and will only stop carrying when it breaks or I make a new one.  In the middle on the bottom the pink case with flowers is my camera in its home made designed case.  Also in the same row on the top is the Notepad Holder I made from The Cottage Home website.  Love everything she designs.  I have made at least four things from her tutorial.  Check out her blog, its posted on the right.  Its always amazing to see how much stuff you have in your purse.  Items that were cleaned out but did not make it into the new bag included: various receipts, 2 golf balls, a plastic toy bug, a bag of quarters, prewrap for my knee, toothbrush and paste, 2 pairs of socks, and a length of ribbon.  Odd, but true.

And finally a picture of the lovely strawberries I had for lunch.  Today was a very lazy day, but in a great way.  My knee is giving me a bit of trouble and I took the day off to rest up for tomorrow's field trip.  Don't actually know that it helped, but this pain sucks.  I am very resentful right now of my poor stomach that will not allow me to take pain meds.  Ick.  But these strawberries were delicious and I enjoyed sitting on the couch and working on some sewing while watching movies.


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